November 2, 2016 ProTanner

Ladies: How to get ready for the Melbourne Cup

Getting race time ready

That time of year is upon us again and everyone is in a mad rush to make sure they are ready for the races.

Get a hat

Nerida Winter is Australia’s most famous milliner. She is not only known for her exquisite, stylish hat designs but also from the slew of celebrities that don them.

Nerida blends haute couture with racewear, her beautiful creations often grace the pages of leading international fashion magazines. Nerida is synonymous with the races and Fashion on the Field. Nerida has a beautiful botique here in Double Bay for more information please check out her website here.

Get a dress


Make up

Keeping your makeup intact is a challenge at the best of times but out on the track throw in sun, rain, alcohol, kissing (be it of the real or air varieties)  and glistening (know in some circles as sweat) it’s a whole different ball game.

Spray Tanning

Spray tanning has become a racing tradition and easy to understand why with Spring finally bring warmer days and less modest coverings.