Before Tanning

  • Ensure your skin is exfoliated and that you are make up, deodorant and moisturiser free.
  • Bring loose dark clothing for after the tan.
  • Wax or shave 24 hours prior.
  • Allow for up to 15 minutes for your spray tan application appointment.
  • We stock tan solutions that are odourless, hypoallergenic, oil and alcohol free.


Immediately After Tanning

  • It is recommended that you do not expose the newly applied tan to fluids (water or sweat) for the allotted time frame (1hr, 2hr or 8hr).
  • There is a bronzer in the solution. The color will continue to darken as the solution develops, lightening after your initial shower when the bronzer washes off.


Maintaining the Tan

  • Pat dry after your shower.  Vigorous rubbing will exfoliate your skin and your tan will not last as long.
  • Minimize exposure to exfoliates like beach sand
  • Avoid soaps and cosmetics that contain parabens, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and alcohol.
  • Moisturizing helps extend the life of your tan and it helps your tan to fade more evenly.
  • Chlorine can also adversely affect the life of your tan.
  • Moisturise at least once a day, starting after your first shower.
  • Always wear sunscreen when out in the sun.
  • Spray tans will last up to 10 days and fade evenly. Ask us about our tan after care products to further extend the life of your tan.


Before Waxing

  • Let the technician know if you are taking any medication.
  • Do not over trim the area.
  • Take appropriate hygiene precautions